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Today is International Podcast Day, the day we celebrate the power of podcasts! The purpose of International Podcast Day is to bring more visibility to podcasting and to promote podcasting worldwide.

International Podcast Day was created back in the summer of 2013 by Steve Lee (founder of Modern Life Network). Steve heard a radio announcement for National Senior Citizens’ Day, but he couldn’t help but wonder why no day of celebration for podcasting existed. On that note he said to himself: “Let’s create a Podcast Day!”.

At Lix, we have gathered five podcast channels which are the perfect match for any students – no matter what major you’re studying. There are several cool things about listening to podcasts; location doesn’t matter, you can do other stuff meanwhile, and it can easily fit in with your normal schedule! So let’s dive into the 5 channels that made it on to our list.

The College Info Geek

The College Info Geek Podcast is dedicated to helping students in all areas of life. Whether you want to learn how to be more productive during your day, study more effectively or get tips and advice on how to become a better candidate for your preferred job after graduating, this amazing podcast should absolutely be on your priority list. The creator Thomas Frank also has a YouTube channel, where he shares many of his top tips.

Listen Money Matters

The sweet life of being a student. Top motivation: You’ll be rich after you graduate. Biggest reason for crying yourself to sleep every night: You’ll be rich after you graduate. Oh, and then there’s student loans.

Well, maybe this podcast can help make your life a little easier. Listen Money Matters is an entire podcast focused on helping students pay off student loans, avoid taking on more debt, and explaining how to become financially free. Also, you will learn about investing, renting vs. buying a home, and how to best make money on the side while studying.

You should definitely check this podcast out – there are a bunch of hidden treasures here (literally)!

Tiny Leaps – Big Changes

If you are looking for a podcast that focuses on positivity and confidence boosts, you should check out this podcast. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes has a lot of different topics including healthy mindsets, healthy eating, and much more. The awesome part is that all strategies are backed by research. If you want to try to improve your life in small ways, listen to this podcast!

College Central Podcasts: Career and Job Search Advice

One day, college will be over and you’ll be ready to take on the world and your new career. But getting a job can sometimes seem easier than it is. Having a college degree doesn’t guarantee you a job after graduation and sometimes the company just can’t seem to see the obvious: that they need you. But how can you ensure you let them know that their future ideal employee is sitting right on the other side of the table? This podcast has the answer.

College Central Podcasts: Career and Job Search Advice takes you through career-related issues and gives you expert advice with tips for entry-level job search. You’ll have the opportunity to achieve great insight and get guidance on resumes, interviews and internships. You will gain a deeper knowledge of how to stand out and make yourself look interesting. Get ready to learn all the golden tips that will blow your future company away.

Ted Talks Daily

Ted Talks Daily opens up a library of inspiring talks and ideas worth spreading. Listen to compelling stories from successful people, get inspired by new ways of thinking and creating ideas. Ted Talks Daily is on our list because it’s something else. A nice break from studying and an excellent motivation — while still being a podcast where you can learn so much. Maybe you’ll even find an inspirational talk that will improve and change the way you do things right now? Either way, you should give this podcast a try — we guarantee that there are some intriguing insights to be found. 

So, as you see there’s room for everyone. Whether you need tips on finances, want to learn how to control stress, be better at planning, or maybe just want to listen to some great stories and debates about student life. No matter what, these five podcasts are a great way to celebrate International Podcast Day!

We think that International Podcast Day is pretty cool. You can be part of it too. Catch up on a lot of neat activities and discover a wide array of new podcasts by checking out #InternationalPodcastDay and visiting the site.

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