5 Free Apps To Help You Breeze Through This Semester - 3 min read

You’re studying around the clock, running from class to class and trying to get a handle on everything you need to get done. Even though you are scheduling and structuring your time well, sometimes it feels like the days are lacking hours, right?

Though studying is (probably) taking up most of your time, you still need to find time to eat. You’ll also want to have a little fun between study sessions to actually enjoy living the student life.. And that raises the question:  how’s that financial budget doing?

We found five apps that can help make your day a bit easier, giving you more time to have fun, be social, and enjoy your student life like you’re meant to.

1. Fudget

(iOS, Android, MacOS & Windows)

Every student knows the pain of reaching the end of the month and not knowing where all your money went.  We know the feeling, which is why a budget tracker like Fudget is worth checking out. With Fudget, you create different lists of income and expenses and the app will track your balances, transactions, and monthly payments, all in one place.

You can easily set up lists with one-tap adding and editing. By “starring” an income or expense, the app will repeat it in future budgets. You can create multiple monthly or weekly budgets and with the overview of your spending, you can start to save money.  

But to really take your finances to the next level, you need to check out this next app.

2. VoucherCodes

(Desktop, iOS & Android)

It’s not like you really need those new Nike shoes… or that weird-looking (in a cool way) fitness watch, but that doesn’t stop you from cursing your budget-controlled existence. We’re completely on your side. Everyone deserves to have a set of Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones.

track your student budget

VoucherCodes is an app that gives you tons of current offers—and a lot of them are specially made for students. Clothing, restaurants, health, beauty—you can find all of that in the app. Do you want 25% off those headphones? Then take a look at VoucherCodes.  You’re welcome 😉

3. Lifesum

(IOS & Android)

Most of us know how hard it is to eat healthy when you’re super busy. Exciting and nutritious healthy recipes don’t just pop into your head during the shower in the morning (and if they do, please share). For those of you seeking to embrace the healthyish lifestyle and still keep your budget in check, Lifesum is worth a try.

Lifesum is a wildly popular app that gives you everything from recipes to free health, weight loss, and diet tips. There’s a huge food database that allows you to search and share. You can also connect with friends and exchange tips (like sharing healthy budget-friendly recipes) and motivation. With Lifesum, it’s also possible to track your meals, calories, and daily macros (including carbs protein, and fats).

Imagine getting rid of that hangry mood by focusing more on what and when you eat. Your brain and body are under a lot of pressure while you study, so don’t neglect them with junk. Get inspired with healthier options that don’t break the bank – like this avocado, egg and sweet potato toast.

4. Hitlist

(iOS and Android)

Your college years are tough but may also be the last time in your life that you don’t need to ask for a vacation when you start working full-time.

Even if you don’t end up with a full-time gig, the point is that you might never have such a flexible schedule again. Not to be alarmists, but your college years are really the best time to travel, see the world, and go on crazy adventures – yay!

“Yes, that all sounds nice, but do I look like a millionaire?”. No, we know, and that’s why you should check out Hitlist.

Hitlist is THE travel app for students. Here’s how it works: You type in where you would like to go. You can build your own list or you can choose from recommended destinations. Connect with friends in the app to see where they’ve been, and get tips from people you know and trust.

After finishing your list, Hitlist returns with the best deals. Hitlist scans millions of fares to bring you the best offers and optimal times to travel. No more searching 100 websites, no more price changing or messages like “this offer is no longer available”.

Are you ready to see the world? ‘Cause it is ON!

5. Lix

(Mac OS, Windows, and Linux)

Aside from all that traveling and healthy snacking, to breeze through this semester, you’ll need to have an app that helps you study. Here’s where Lix can definitely make things easier on you this semester. With Lix, you’ll have your textbooks, notes, and highlights all in one app. Just like that—organizing your studies gets taken to a whole new level.

You can highlight texts in your ebooks and create your own note system. Do a quick search through all your books or notes to find what you need instantly. Lix will make studying much easier – and lighter since you don’t have to haul around all your textbooks. Just bring your laptop and you’ll be good to go.

Animated GIF

So there they are—our top five apps to make this semester a breeze. Go ahead and give them a try and let us know what you think in the comments!

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