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There are only a few days left until Christmas, and you are officially out of time to count on the internet to deliver that special present you were planning on. Maybe you accidentally spent all your money on mulled wine and a fab outfit that hopefully caught the eyes of someone special. Or, maybe you went a little overboard on the PlayStation store on Black Friday. Whatever the reason: if you find yourself out of money or time to shop for that special gift for your sister, uncle, or mom – we can help you! Here are our best ideas for personal, cheap gifts that are sure to impress.

The nostalgic gift: memory ornament

My boyfriend and I give each other a Christmas ornament on the night of the 24th. The ornament symbolizes a memory the two of us have shared during the year. The first year, I gave him a little clay gingerbread house to symbolize that we moved in together. He gave me a little silver mussel shell as a memory of all the great times we had making and eating moules frites together (one of our favorites). By giving a memory ornament, you make sure that the gift keeps on giving: each year, your special someone can hang the ornament on their Christmas tree and remember the memories you share.

The quality time gift: plan for great conversations

We all know that giving an experience is the new Tiffany’s, and actually, experiences are all about special people. You do not have to go paragliding together, you can set the scene for fantastic quality time in surprisingly casual settings.

How about giving a bus ticket and a voucher for two cups of café coffee near a scenic place closeby. Invite for a walk and a cup of coffee! That way, you can give the promise of a good conversation and a walk for just the two of you. How is that for quality time!

Another option is a movie night – but at home! Wrap the person’s favorite candy, some microwave popcorn, a soda, and some home made movie tickets (if you don’t know how to draw, here is a simplistic version you can use as a template. Don’t forget to write the title of the movie you will watch together, to make it even more personal!). Even better if you can find a projector, but totally not necessary.

The thoughtful gift: write down what you love about someone

A very important aspect of Christmas is the chance to give unexpected gifts – even if you don’t have a reciprocal “agreement” of gift-giving, you might just feel like giving a gift. Giving a gift is actually scientifically proven to create even more of those delicious happiness neurotransmitters than receiving one! So definitely take advantage of that little winter happiness booster. Remember: if you give unexpected gifts, there are no expectations in terms of budget!

A good tip is to splurge on the words for a card! Most of us are touched when another person takes the time to write down what they feel about us. As a bonus, writing positive words is a super beneficial exercise for you as well.

If you don’t feel like the modern Hemingway, you can just make a really simplistic list of 3-5 things you really like about the person. Here, it’s really the thought that counts.

The wild card: go test drive a Tesla!

See? It’s festive!

Now, this may sound a bit silly, but I swear, it’s a really fun experience!

Tesla stores actually let you test drive their cars for free – and they depend on that for marketing! More than once, I have gone test driving a Tesla with friends just for the fun of it – and one time I have booked a test drive as a wedding gift to a couple.

The first time I went test driving, I asked the sales rep if it was annoying for him to deal with us (students), who could obviously not afford to buy a Tesla. Even if we lived in it. To which he responded ‘absolutely not!’. Tesla markets themselves primarily by word of mouth – so he would spare us the sales pitch (the other times I went, I was so excited I kind of took over the sales pitch for him). If you don’t see the point in test driving a Tesla, you haven’t tried the acceleration…!

December can be tough to survive as a student. Not only are you likely busy out of your mind with exam prep, you are inconveniently also expected to figure out presents and travel and infamous quality time with your loved ones – ungrateful as it may sound, it’s completely ok if you feel like you are falling behind on things. As our very last merry Christmas, here is a great recipe for a full Christmas dinner on a budget from Save the Student!

Have a holly, jolly Christmas from Lix!

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