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It’s January. The holidays are finally over and you’re slowly getting back into your usual routine. Everything seems to be moving along, though there is this nagging feeling that something is off. You’re not quite sure what it is, until it dawns on you:

Exams are coming.

But fear not, as a Lix user, now you can simply switch on “Exam Mode” and your books will follow you til the end.

The end of your exam, that is.

In our latest update, we’ve added a new feature, Exam Mode, which lets you take Lix with you into your exams.

No more hectically flipping through your books trying to find that specific sentence on page 17 before realizing that it’s most likely on page 432… in another book.

To ensure you can take Lix with you into your exams, Exam Mode limits certain functionalities to ensure it complies with your university’s exam rules. But no worries, you won’t miss out — you’ll still be able to bring your books to the exam digitally and save time by searching through the book for any concept, equation or reference you need.

Taking Lix with you to the exam

Download your books

Even if more and more exams are digitized, the magic helper Google is a taboo in any exam. This means your Lix app will be offline once Exam Mode is enabled. Before activating exam mode, make sure you’ve downloaded your books locally on the device you’ll be using during your exam.

Toggle Exam mode

After your book is downloaded, simply toggle the “Exam mode” feature on.

Advanced Exam mode?

Are you allowed to access your notes and highlights during the exam? If yes, make sure the “Disable tools” is disabled. If not, make sure the “Disable tools” button is enabled.

After you click “Ok”, your app will be in exam mode until you switch it off.

Make sure to switch it off to re-enable all of your features when you’re done!

Limited app functionality

While your app is in exam mode, it will have limited functionality. Since it’s offline, the search function will not be as fast and effective as usual and is limited to one book at a time. If you choose to “toggle advanced settings”, you won’t be able to access your notes and highlights or create any new ones.

Exam season is tough and we want you to have one less thing to worry about. Hopefully, “Exam Mode” can relieve just a little bit of that stress, knowing you’re going to turn some heads in the exam hall with your blazing chapter-per-second speed ;^)

We wish you the best of luck!

Have questions regarding the exam mode feature or anything else about Lix? Check out our Help Center.

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