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Imagine the scenario: You have a 15-page paper due tomorrow morning at eight o’clock and it’s already approaching midnight . So far, you’ve written six pages—nine to go! Around 10 books are spread out on your table, your notebooks are a mess, and you’re still searching for a key point you highlighted in one of your books. The problem is: you can’t remember which book it’s in. So, you’ve now wasted over 30 minutes trying to find that one key paragraph.

You’re mad at yourself because you’ve scribbled notes in the book margins, but they’re illegible—they look more like chicken scratch than actual words. And, you seem to have highlighted your entire book—not just one, but all of them! You’re about to panic. In fact, it would have been easier to find a needle in a haystack than to locate that theory you need to give your paper the swag it deserves. As a result, you didn’t perform as well as you would’ve liked.

Sound familiar? If you’re a student facing a similar problem, ditching those physical textbooks and going digital could make a big difference in your next assignment. Most students studying with Lix say there’s one thing that makes their studies more efficient, and that’s Search. Here’s the rundown on how to save time using this feature.

Search all your books in one go

If you’re anything like me (hopefully not), you have the memory of a goldfish. Remembering what I previously read has always been a struggle for me. Couple that with not being able to find a specific reference, and I am literally doomed. And, for those courses that require multiple books, finding similar topics from all sources can become a huge problem. Luckily, Lix allows you to search through all your books simultaneously to find all relevant themes and topics, and then group them together—a feature not available from any other digital study app.

Students studying with Lix say the Search feature is a life-saver.

But, what about that end-of-the-year assignment that requires you to access resources from all your previous semesters? This means you have to revisit third semester books, but you’re currently in your fourth semester. Oh no—what to do? No need to panic—as a student studying with Lix, you’ll always be able to access books from your previous semester. Simply type in the keyword or phrase you’re looking for directly into the Lix search bar, which is located on your bookshelf. This will prompt search results from all semesters you’ve been a Lix member, giving you a full overview of which books the keyword or phrase appears in.  

Lix Search feature: Searching eBooks to study.
Search all your books and notes with Lix

Get the most relevant search results

Let’s take a moment to talk about all those mathematical and scientific equations in your micro- and macroeconomics textbooks—hard to remember, and even harder to find, right? And, I’m not just talking about equations being hard to find in physical textbooks. They’re equally as difficult to track down in most study apps, especially since students use different keyboards, and equations are written in numerous ways. With Lix, not only can you access text, you can also find the specific equation you’re looking for. What a relief, huh?

There’s really no other search method that filters out all that irrelevant noise, and focuses in on the exact search results you need. With Lix, it’s easy for you to breeze through your study sessions and assignments, even if you’ve waited ‘til the last minute—been there, done that, wouldn’t recommend it!

Search more than just your books

Search not only works in your books, it’s also compatible with your notes and highlights.

As you may know, you can add notes directly in each of your digital books, making it quick and easy for you to retrieve anything you’ve jotted down. This way, you can effortlessly browse through your notes to find the exact keywords and phrases you need, when you need them. For those pesky terms you can’t seem to grasp, add a headline to each note. This way, you can gather all your notes together containing the same headline, making them easy to find.

Whether you’re short on time or about to embark on an epic study session, using Search is the perfect way to immediately see all the vital information you need to know. With Search, you’ll get the most relevant results that match your query, enabling you to find that really important sentence, and fast!

The Lix team is always working on adding new features to make your study experience better, easier, and way more fun. Have any ideas on cool features we could add? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment box below!

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