New in Lix: Google Translate and a Fresh Bookshelf - 2 min read

Lix is designed to help make every one of your study sessions better—and we keep on working so the app delivers a great experience while you focus on studying. We’re doing a little Spring cleaning around here, refreshing your Bookshelf design so you can find what you need even quicker and adding Google Translate right in your books.

Here’s what’s new in Lix:

Check out this #shelfie

We’ve cleaned up your bookshelf to make it easier for you to navigate through it. You can now sort your books either alphabetically—if you’re a little OCD on ABC’s—or by “recently opened”, so you can pick up where you left off last time you were studying on Lix.

We’ve also made it easy to hide the books you don’t need cluttering up your bookshelf. Simply click the 3-dot menu on the book and select “hide book”. If you want to get back to those books, toggle the “only show hidden books” option in the app.

When you want to get back to your main Bookshelf, just toggle it back off. Just remember, you need to download your newly un-hidden books again to read them.

Translate texts in the app

Think microeconomics would make more sense in Italian? Well, now you can select any troublesome text and hit the translate option on the popup menu to have the text translated for you without having to leave the app.

Simply click translation icon on the menu:

Then select the language you want the translation in and you’ll immediately see the text in your preferred language:

You can even copy the text to add to your notes or docs.

We currently offer the following language options:

Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

But there’s more to come!

To see the newest features in action, please be sure you’ve updated your app to version 1.0.33 / 1775. If you need help, reach out to us anytime—we’re here to help ☺️

We hope you enjoy our latest update—let us know what you think in the comments 👇

Happy studying!

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