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Lix caught up with Radboud University student, Jurian van der Waal, who shared with us where to eat, drink, shop and be entertained in Nijmegen on a student budget. Check out his top three’s! 

Where to eat? 

Café De Plak
Bloemerstraat 90, 6511 EM Nijmegen, Netherlands

A perennially favorite, this popular collective-run eatery prepares natural, creative fare with plenty of vegetarian options. Try the famous kaas gehakt (€11.50)—a unique spin on grandma’s meatballs accompanied by fresh salad and a side dish of your choice. If meat is not your thing, sink your teeth into a curried tofu burger or falafel sandwich garnished with feta and red beets. And rest assured, the friendly bunch of tattooed servers will greet you with a smile. 

De Hemel
1, Franseplaats, 6511 VS Nijmegen, Netherlands

Located in the historic Commanderie van St Jan, this youthful bistro cooks up delicious food all day long. If you’re on a liquid diet, enjoy a stylish high tea or if you’re a bit more peckish, try De Hemel’s shared dinner plates and tempting between-meal snacks. Wash it all down with one of 12 home-brewed beers served on tap from the basement brewery. Head upstairs and check out their vintage-styled dining room, where you’ll get a panoramic view of the swirling Waal River. 

Van Broeckhuysenstraat 16, 6511 PJ Nijmegen, Netherlands

While you could go here for the view alone (a pretty terrace overlooks a tree-shaded square), this popular joint is better known for their all-day menu featuring freshly prepared salads, super-food bowls and imaginative desserts. Fresca attracts a savvy local crowd who’s never disappointed with their many vegetarian and gluten-free options—things like cinnamon and cashew couscous or vegetarian frittatas. Yum!  

Where to drink? 

Café Maxim
Burghardt van Den Berghstraat 87-89, 6512 DG Nijmegen, Netherlands

Located in Bottendaal, one of the coziest and nicest little districts of Nijmegen, you can find Café Maxim. Always crowded, this popular joint houses a sunny terrace overlooking the city. Combine your visit with a picnic at Thieme Park, where many students go to eat dinner and play drinking games.

Café Wunderkammer
Houtstraat 47, 6511 JL Nijmegen, Netherlands

Nijmegen’s new hotspot, Café Wunderkammer is a pit-stop worth taking. Here, you’ll find a cabinet of curiosities. Among the various trinkets from around the globe, enjoy a huge selection of interesting and unique beers from all corners of the world.

In de Blaauwe Hand
Achter de Hoofdwacht 3, 6511 VW Nijmegen, Netherlands

Hidden in the shadow of the Stevenskerk is the oldest café in Nijmegen—In de Blaauwe Hand. An old-fashioned café according to tradition, try a Rooie Tieptop beer, which can only be found here. And if you want to sculpt your biceps, drink your ale from a stone tankard! 

Where to shop? 

The great thing about shopping in Nijmegen is that every Thursday night, shops stay open until 21:00. And unlike neighboring countries, shops are open the first and last Sunday of every month (and some shops are open every Sunday)! 

De Lange Hezelstraat
Lange Hezelstraat, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

The oldest shopping street in the Netherlands, De Lange Hezelstraat is home to a wide selection of independent shops, cafés and restaurants. Here, you’ll find over 2000 years of experience offering quality goods. Spend a day window shopping and conversing with the friendly business owners.

Fabrics & More
Derde Walstraat 83, 6511 SN Nijmegen, Netherlands

If you’re into first-class second-hand products, you’ve found your place. Fabrics & More caters to the style-conscious customer, offering up an exclusive range of high-quality vintage at an affordable price. Here, you’ll find more than 400 square meters of vintage clothing and industrial interior decor. 

Lange Hezelstraat 84, 6511 CM Nijmegen, Netherlands

Here, you’ll find an amazing array of vintage goods. With shoe-lined walls and mounting racks of vintage jackets, denim shirts and college sweatshirts, this hipster haven surely won’t disappoint. A lovely shop for all fans of quality second-hand, be sure to stop in and give it a look. 

Where to be entertained? 

Winselingseweg 12, 6541 AK Nijmegen, Netherlands

Waalhalla is an indoor skate park located in the heart of Nijmegen! The skatepark was built together by enthusiastic volunteers and local skate and electronic music aficionados. Skater or not, you’ll find something to do, from regularly organized workshops to broad cultural and social activities open to any and all that visit this special place. And don’t miss out on their regularly-hosted, sick parties, where you can dance ‘til the wee hours of the morning. 

LUX Cinema
Mariënburg 38-39, 6511 PS Nijmegen, Netherlands

Aside from screening the latest and greatest international, independent movies, Nijmegen’s largest arthouse cinema, LUX, serves as an important cultural hub that features spaces for live performances, food and public talks. Try their popular brasserie-style café located on the ground floor that serves meals, drinks and bar snacks. 

Valkhof Park
Kelfkensbos 59, 6511 TB Nijmegen, Netherlands

In the oldest city in the Netherlands sits Valkhof, which has seen more than its fair share of history and has played an important role in Nijmegen’s politics and culture for well over two millennia. History buff or not, enjoy a stroll through this beautiful park, catch a glimpse of the scenic river views or sit back and relax with your mates on one of the many grassy patches this spectacular open space offers. And don’t miss out on one of the many outdoor performances the park hosts throughout the year.

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