3 Reasons Why Lix Translate Will Speed up the Way You Learn - 2 min read

Unless you happen to be bilingual, you’re likely to come across a hurdle—translating your textbooks into your native language! Thankfully, help has arrived. Introducing Lix Translate, you can now translate all your books from your second (or sometimes third) language into your preferred language. So, the next time you’re struggling to understand the gibberish in your microeconomics book, just translate it! Here are three reasons why Lix Translate will speed up the way you learn.

1. Understanding Hard Concepts is Easier in Your Native Language

Think Keynesian economics would make more sense in Danish? Simply translate the text of your eBook without ever leaving the Lix app.

As a business student, you’re faced with some really tough topics—like Pareto efficiency, marginal utility and matrix operations. Couple this with reading text on these topics in your second language and you’re literally S.O.L.! Select any troublesome text and voilà—instant translation.

2. Learn More in Less Time When You Can Actually Comprehend the Text

Studying is much more valuable (and faster) when you can remember what you’ve learned so you can apply it when you need it most. And let’s face it—it’s much easier to recall material when it’s presented in your native language. This way, when those pesky exams come up, you’ll be ready!

You can compare your brain to a bookshelf (a digital bookshelf). Imagine walking into a digital library filled with thousands of books (kinda like the Lix app). You’re just about to check out a book, but all the genres are mixed up (unlike the Lix app :-))! Even worse, there are no labels and catalogs to indicate where they are. You’d be wasting valuable time and end up getting really frustrated.

It’s equally as frustrating when you want to recall something you’ve studied before but can’t quite remember what you read. If you have an efficient system to learn new information, you’re likely to remember more in less time. But, you can’t store the information properly without understanding it—that’s where Lix Translate comes in. Reading information in your native language helps you remember it much more efficiently.  

3. If You Can Connect It, You Can Remember It

Ask any memory master and they will tell you the same thing—the key to a great memory is being able to associate new information with what you’ve previously learned. But it’s hard to associate new information with what you’ve already learned if you are reading textbooks in your second (or sometimes third) language.

With Lix, you can translate any text from your books into your preferred language and can even copy the text directly in your Lix Notes. See for yourself! Test drive Lix with a 14-day free trial.

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