3 Advantages of Using the Lix Dictionary and Why it’s Important for Your Studies - 2 min read

We get it—many students still like to read physical textbooks. But what happens when you come across a word in your textbook that you don’t understand? Do you get out your phone to look up the word? Maybe you open up the Oxford Dictionary on your computer? Or do you carry around a dictionary (must be heavy)?

In this article, we’ll discuss three advantages of using the Lix Dictionary and why it’s important for your studies.

  1. Even Better COMPREHENSION. Sometimes the good old Oxford Dictionary comes in mighty handy! Especially in textbooks with complex wording—you know, like your 811-page microeconomics book. If you don’t understand certain words, the context of what you are reading will be lost, and even worse, you won’t understand what you spent the last hour reading. Comprehension is important if you want learning to stick! We know this all too well—so we’ve added the Oxford Dictionary in the Lix app. Just highlight and click the Dictionary icon—voilà! You’re welcome 😉
  2. The Right PRONUNCIATION. Have you ever given an oral presentation and mispronounced a word? Maybe you said “supposably” instead of “supposedly,” or “hyperbowl” instead of “hyperbole.” Or you’ve read a word and thought, “How the hell is that pronounced?!” It happens to the best of us, but through the aid of a dictionary, you’ll not only understand the meaning of the word, you’ll get the right utterance, so you can impress your supervisor come exam time!
  3. An End to Involuntary PROCRASTINATION. You know that feeling when you leave one room to get something in another room, but once you’ve entered said room, you forgot what you were supposed to get? The same thing happens when you leave one tab in your browser and open another one. It’s a cognitive brain thing! Like that time you were Googling something important for school and somehow landed on YouTube in a loop of cat videos. Waking up from your feline-friendly daze, you have no idea how you ended up there. It’s not your fault! To avoid this and stay focused, we have made sure you have all you need in one app, with no distractions—Dictionary, Notes, Search and so much more…

Final Thoughts

As you know, dictionaries are of great help to everyone, especially to students who are studying in a second (or sometimes third) language. They’re also helpful in enriching your vocabulary, comprehending the meaning of words and aids in pronunciation, so you’ll be ready for essays, exams and everything else your professor throws your way.

What we may not know is how much time is wasted searching through multiple resources to find that perfect definition. But there’s a better way. Say bye-bye to lugging around a heavy dictionary—a much lighter one will be waiting for you in the Lix app (with a bunch of other cool features).  

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