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We’re happy to announce that Cambridge University Press (CUP), the world’s oldest publishing house, has partnered with Lix. Dating back to 1534, CUP is the publishing business of the University of Cambridge and the second-largest university press in the world (preceded by Oxford University Press). With over 50,000 titles by authors from over 100 countries, CUP publishes academic journals, textbooks, English language teaching and learning publications, and more.  

CUP’s aim is “to further the University’s mission by disseminating knowledge in the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence”. By partnering with Lix, CUP will have the opportunity to extend their mission to a fast-growing segment of students who prefer to study digitally.

Phasing out printed books

But CUP is not the only major publisher switching to a digital-first approach. Lix partner, Pearson, recently announced its move to phase out printed books by making all its learning resources “digital-first”. And it certainly makes sense—Pearson reports “over half [its] annual revenues come from digital sales”.  

Digital textbooks—a move towards affordability

With rising tuition and housing costs, students are finding it increasingly difficult to pay for common necessities—including textbooks. A recent report by the Public Interest Research Group found that two-thirds of surveyed students skipped out on buying their required course textbooks because they simply couldn’t afford them. 

Lix offers a secure platform and a transparent business model

Textbook publishers have started to acknowledge this, rolling out ambitious affordability plans, resulting in a digital-first approach. But trust is a large factor in making the digital switch. Lix has certainly won that trust—offering publishers a completely secure platform and providing 100% transparency to all those working with them. 

Students benefit from using Lix

But publishers aren’t the only ones who benefit. Students studying with Lix gain access to digital textbooks, course compendiums, courseware, custom books and study tools, making Lix the first-of-its-kind to offer an affordable monthly subscription-based study platform. Visit Lix.com to learn more.

Lix is an all-in-one study app created to empower students just like you. Wherever you're at in your study journey, Lix provides the necessary study tools to improve your productivity and make studying more engaging (and fun).

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