5 Study Tips Every First-Year Aarhus University Student Should Know - 3 min read

What an exciting time. It’s the start of your first semester at Aarhus University. Your campus is flooded with thousands of new students from around the world who will be starting their first year at university. For many students (and their parents), transitioning to university is an exciting yet daunting experience. Questions are racking your brain: Will I fit in? How will I make new friends? Am I going to survive my crazy hard Microeconomics course? Lix sat down with Aarhus University student, Amanda Hylleberg Andersen, who shared five study tips to help first-year students succeed in and out of the classroom. Let’s dig in. 

Lix: What is one thing about Aarhus University that every first-year student should know? 

Amanda: Because of the large number of students at Aarhus University, Aarhus is regarded as a “university town”. This means, there are a lot of events throughout town for you and your fellow new students to take part in.

Lix: What has helped you survive a tough semester?

Amanda: Without a doubt, a big thing that has helped me through a tough semester is the support of my study group. If I’m stressed out about something, I can always go to them. They support me and help take the pressure off by assisting me in solving the problem(s) I’m facing. Another thing that helps me is making lists of all the small things I need to do. One by one, I cross them off when I’m done. This helps me see that I’m being productive and that I will eventually get there.

Lix: What techniques do you use when studying for a big exam?

Amanda: This really depends on the exam. For a written exam, my study group and I sit down and make a list of all the topics that are important, and a list of terms we can take a quick look at if we’re in doubt. I use my study group a lot for support, and we help each other out when we’re studying for a big exam.

Lix: What do you recommend to students who are struggling to make friends at a new university? 

Amanda: Try to be social and go to the events that your classmates go to. Most of the other new students struggle in the beginning as well, so if you are social and outgoing from day one, I am sure you will find great friends.

Another way to make new friends in a foreign town could be to volunteer, but only if you feel like you have the time. When you do volunteer work at an organization you feel comfortable with, you’ll most likely meet people with the same interests as you.

Lix: What is the best advice you could give a first-year student? 

Amanda: Find a way to study that fits you best. Try out different methods and see what you like most! This will give you a much easier time at university, and probably also give you more time to have fun, explore the town and go out with your new friends.


Remember, university isn’t just about studying hard in order to achieve one’s career goals. It’s also about making lifelong friendships and connections. So go grab university life by the horns and enjoy the ride! We are rooting for you and wishing you the best as you start your first year of university. And if you need some help organizing your studies, we’re just one click away!

Amanda Hylleberg Andersen is studying Marketing Management and Communication at Aarhus University. In need of some more tips? Check out A Student’s Guide to Cheap and Free Things to Do in Aarhus, where Amanda offers up some tips on where to eat, drink, shop and be entertained in Aarhus on a student budget.

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