What happened to the subscription service? - 2 min read

Unfortunately, we had to close down our subscription service at the beginning of 2020.


We thought subscriptions were going to be the next big thing…and we still kind of think they are. However, it turns out the world isn’t ready. In order for a subscription service to work out 100%, we’ll need both supply and demand to match. And that turns out to be a tough nut to crack.

Using Lix already? Scroll down to “Are you an active Lix’er?” to see what the implications are for you…

Many students are ready to go digital on all their study content, but not all suppliers are ready. So creating affordable packages—with all the relevant content a student could wish for—is still something that’s a little out of reach.

With Generation Z (aka “The Digital Natives”) gradually flooding the universities; consuming written content online will be the inevitable change we can’t keep ignoring. That’s why we are here!

So even though we can’t offer you a subscription service, our awesome platform is still available—FREE of charge! AND, we continue to have access to more than 1 million books in our bookstore.



So go buy your textbooks in our bookstore. The books will pop right into your Lix app where you can read, take notes, translate troublesome text and even upload your own content. Lix is still—if you ask us— the best place to organize your studies.

Are you an active Lix’er?

Your books are safe—your books and all your notes and uploads will still be available in the app and you can continue using the app and all its features. You can buy additional books in our bookshop to stock up for your next semester (we just won’t be able to offer them on a subscription). If you can’t find a book in our bookstore, you will have to acquire it elsewhere.

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